Old knife ….

Yeah ..now I am not new one who see the , world’s crises,poverty hunger and the pain of millions of people….

I am not a new knife that kept in dagger and not used properly…

Yeah I am just of 19 but knowledge is beyond age and experiences are counts only when you see the things very closely or suffering ..from..the pain

I see many children’s crossing the roads when I not even wake up properly they are thinking what to eat what to do today as they are fighting for every second every minute , every day ….they are not want to live this life but still they fight and ready to face the world they are not like highly ambitious people if they are not successful they suicide …

But..they are very courageous and positive mind somewhere they not it’s very hard to face ,to live to exist in earth but still they sacrifice all trying to do best for .. ourself and family..

Oo look at her bra strap

Oo look at her ,bra strap is visible

Boys like oo she looks very sexy her walk her waist she have killing look my god. ..what a body ..

Aunty _ oo look at this girl no manners and etiquette her bra strap is visible and she walk how smotthly ,

Look at her clothes showing she was wearing a backless dress it’s better she can’t wear anything, this is the reason of rapidly increasing of crime rates because of dressing sense of today’s girl generation

Her friend she was wearing a midi dark lipstick heavy makeup she have a male friends , nightouts selfies parties go in clubs use social media uploads pictures

Today’s generation have no manners how to dress up when they hangout from home …

Now ,it’s not time like us when we cover the body properly and follow the society , parents

Boys (fuck people’s ) look at her waist ,her cleavage..I know even the bra strap colour of her she is wearing a pink …I want to grab her waist her cleavage her body my god only once I catch her ….my god what a body, what a piece I want. To play with her body …the way she walks and her waist moves..

This is the mentality of our society it’s easy to say that without a girl is without me , but a bitter truth is we are daily facing this inappropriate comments and conversation the continuous watching of dogs towards us ..

Dear aunties it’s a good generation were every girl wants to independent and pay her own bills …crimes are not increasing because of the clothes ,it’s because of cheap dogs in the Mask of men …it’s a frame of mind that how they look a girl … beacause from ancient times society thinks that women’s only job is to sex and reproduce serve her husband and their relatives , beside if sacrificing a lot she is equivalent to a servant who have no personal life no independence

And you cheap narrow minded boys _

Girls is not a toy or cloth ,she is a fire that no one catch if she is sarsavati she is kaali also don’t forget that one’s women is on fire she forget all emotions only the destruction ..happens

Dear society chill it’s just a bra strap a part of a cloth

Cleavage part of a body …

It’s her body her choice her freedom her life ,who are you to point out on the once character by judging clothes and it’s lifestyles change your mindset dear society you narrow and cheap minded people’s 🍃


It’s not a word ….it’s a medicine which heal and detoxify your body from any situation, it’s a power to control your mind from the surroundings you have to built a fire🔥 inside stop craving yourself from little things grown up start creating your life as good as possible , Don’t forget that nothing stays forever your anxiety and depression is also not stay forever

..proove yourself that you are important person in this earth ..and life is live battle were you have to fight everyday every morning every microseconds.🍃..you can back your legs once you did ..your battle is over.. be your fire to your darkness …it’s all things are move smoothly if you believe in yourself first attempt it’s always the toughest one …it’s your responsibility that you don’t have to make it your last one …do everything you want decorate🌸 your life with passion and self love ❤️first wear confidence hardwork as accessories and walk like you are the one which mattres a lot ..you have one life paint🖌️🖌️ yourself create yourself bring out your all fear hustle and think out from box …first love yourself if you not love yourself no one will love you 🌺

….a soulfoul

As i go to my terrace to feel the fresh air ..i see the plants moving with the flow of air ..talking in their own language…air flowing without any hateress with equality where no one is rich no one poor where peoples not divides on the basis of caste creed religion ..were all is love matters ..🦋🌺

The view when I look towards sky ..I learned life is all about growth and peace ,were we have to move on from bad memories but we again stand and again shines🍃🍂